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Explore the following volunteer opportunities to get involved with helping VE transform students into business professionals.

Class Mentor

We know the best way to transform students into professionals is to connect students with existing business leaders and industry professionals. VE Mentors offer feedback and guidance for students to grow as people and professionals. Review the U.S. Firm Directory to find a firm of interest or consider serving as a National Online Competition Judge (see below) to discover firms of interest.

To explore VE mentoring opportunities, contact Abril Peña at

National Online Competitions Judge

VE runs a range of student competitions, including several that take place online. National Online Competitions Judges provide feedback to our students through judging opportunities that are “done-at-your-desk” and can take as little as five minutes. This year’s online competitions include Elevator Pitch, Website, Commercial, and Annual Report. Go to to register for the current competition.

For more details go to the National Competitions page or contact Tyler Fugazzie, Marketing and Communications Manager, at

Regional Trade Show Competitions Judge

Local, regional, national, and international Trade Shows are central components of VE’s program that allow student businesses to exhibit and sell their products and services in a competitive marketplace. Trade Show Judges evaluate day-of competitions, such as Best Booth and Best Salesmanship, as well as submission-based competitions, such as Best Business Card and Best Catalog. To learn more about becoming a Regional Trade Show Judge, contact Tyler Fugazzie, Marketing and Communications Manager, at

International Trade Show Competitions Judge

The International Trade Show, an integral part of VE’s annual Youth Business Summit, brings together more than 180 student businesses from around the world in a competitive marketplace. Trade Show Judges evaluate day-of competitions such as Booth Design Competition, Sales Pitch Competition, and Sales Materials Competition.

Next year’s International Trade Show will be taking place at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in April 2019. Contact Gina Pol, NYC Program Coordinator, at about serving as an International Trade Show judge.

Regional Business Plan Competitions Judge

Business Plan Competitions are a major component of VE’s program. Each year, student companies are expected to develop and submit a written business plan and enter a local competition to present their plans to industry professionals and educators, who serve as Regional Business Plan Competition Judges. Contact Tyler Fugazzie at about these opportunities.

National Business Plan Competition Judge

Part of the Youth Business Summit, The National Business Plan Competition (NBPC) is the preeminent business competition for high school students in the U.S and a showcase for talented, business-savvy student teams from around the country. NBPC Judges evaluate the written plans and oral presentations and provide important feedback for the teams. To find out more about serving as an NBPC Judge, contact Nick Chapman at

Curriculum/Resource Contributor

Because the VE curriculum aligns to current industry practices, VE relies on input from industry professionals. To find out more about serving as a Curriculum or Resource Contributor, contact Tyler Fugazzie at about contributions.

Other Opportunities

The strength of VE’s programs hinges on our collaborations with businesses and business professionals from a wide range of fields. If you are interested in sharing your time, talent, and skills with our students, please submit the form below and we will contact you to explore volunteer opportunities with VE.