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National Office

Virtual Enterprises International
122 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10023
Ph: 212-769-2710
Fax: 212-799-7528

National Staff

Iris Blanc

Nick Chapman

Glynis O’Leary
Director of Program Development

Michael Brownstein
Director of Strategic Growth

Tyler Fugazzie
Director of Communications

Susan Chan
National Events Manager

Wendy Schmitt
National Program Manager

Mohammad Hossain
Finance & Operations Manager

Amina Music
National Operations Assistant

Regional Staff

New York Metro

Paul Presti
New York Metro Regional Director

Gina Pol
Program Coordinator

Meghan Foley
Program Coordinator

Abril Peña
Program Associate

Chi Zhang
Program Associate

Long Island

Ellen Palazzo
Long Island Regional Director

Irv Wortman
Long Island Program Coordinator


Kathy Gielow
Northeast Regional Director

Great Lakes

Wendy Schmitt
Great Lakes Regional Director

Kendra Lee
Illinois State Coordinator

Carrie Smith
Michigan State Coordinator


Cindy Boyd
Southern Regional Director

Penny Riddle
Program Coordinator

Mark Jones
North Carolina State Coordinator

Lisa Bonelli
Technical Support Staff

Ronnie Giordano
Florida State Coordinator

Emanuel Young
Missouri State Coordinator


Teri Jones
California Regional Director

Jake Stuebbe
Kern County Regional Director