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Global Network

VEI firms conduct business across a network of 5,000 student-run companies spanning 40 countries.

The U.S. VEI Network

Virtual Enterprise firms in the United States are organized by regional networks that coordinate, guide the growth and development of the program and provide support to the schools in that network.

The VEI National Office, located in New York City, serves as the coordination and clearing center for the regional networks. It sets the academic standards and technology protocols and provides a broad range of support and services to program participants including the international processing of transactions, banking, wholesaling, and data collection services. In addition, the National Office provides professional development, advice and guidance to regional offices and is responsible for implementing national student activities such as the Youth Business Summit (National Business Plan Competition, Global Business Challenge and International Trade Show).

The Global Network

Like the U.S., each country has a coordination center (national office) that provides services and support for the “practice firms” in their network. EUROPEN-PEN International (Practice Enterprise Network) is an organization that supports, coordinates and develops services for member countries that have practice enterprise networks. Through its membership in EUROPEN-PEN International, VEI maintains international contacts to support international commerce as well as student and teacher exchanges.

Additional Network Resources

Use the Regional Map for links to find news and information about our state. If there are no VEI programs at your location, visit the Start a VEI Program page to join our network. View our Current Locations map to see our national coverage and use the U.S. Network Firm Directory to find more information about participating schools and their VEI Firms.